Welcome to the CPA Planning Design Blog, which is intended to assist present and future Clients as well as the general public with Architecture and Planning Matters.

Although the planning system appears complicated to most, it is based on a large set of common sense rules. Approval will always be granted for fair and reasonable designs, and declined to those that are unrealistic or out of proportion, although Architecture and Planning do not necessarily go ‘hand in hand’. There will be situations where more ‘persuasion’ is needed, whether it’s due to a strong belief that the construction should be carried out, or profit is the centre point of the proposal. In these cases there are professional Planning Consultants that can generate sufficient proof to increase chances of approval alongside a good architectural design. A good place to start is the Planning Resource or the RTPI (Consultants Directory) to find your nearest Consultant, but do ensure they have all of the necessary discipline’s to assist you. These may include:

  • Urban Design
  • Residential Planning
  • Commercial Planning
  • Environmental Assessments (normally involving external resources)

It is significantly more cost effective, in situations where profit is not the centre point of a project, to only apply for what is considered to be a reasonable project. CPA Planning Design has a streamline approach to design, ensuring Clients incur minimal cost at all stages of design. We can  provide unique designs of Architecture in collaboration with your favoured Planning Consultant.

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