Proposed Development and Consultation dates for Southborough, Hawkenbury and Speldhurst Road

Here are the intentions based on a ‘Core Strategy’ document created in 2010:

  • Allocated three current rural fringe areas for additional growth at Hawkenbury, Knights Park, Speldhurst Road, former allotments as part of the Royal Tunbridge Wells/Southborough housing requirements.
  • Provision of new infrastructure and community facilities including new schools at Knights Park and Hawkenbury.
  • Propose new areas of search for replacement rural fringe to South East of Royal Tunbridge Wells around Hawkenbury area and West of Southborough near Caenwood Farm.
  • Continue protection of Green Belt, AONB and rural areas for their natural environment and recreational uses.

Consultation Date: 18th April 2013    Time: 4-8pm
Location: The Ark, Gallard’s Almshouses, London Road