Proposed Development and Consultation dates for Tunbridge Wells

Although we hear very little about individuals having the finances for owning a property, but not finding a house to live in, the government is pressurising its districts and boroughs to increase housing densities. Here are the intentions based on a ‘Core Strategy’ document created in 2010:

  • Proposed 4,500 new homes, with 2,055 built or planned*
  • Approx. 2,400 new homes with supported infrastructure (schools, open spaces, etc.)
  • Approx. 44,500 sqm additional retail floorspace.
  • Area changes for mixed use development.
  • Maintaining Key Employment Areas and promote business growth.
  • Improve Parking
  • Increase opportunities for non-employment related activities (leisure, recreation, etc.)

* As at end of September 2012

Consultation Date: 15th & 20th April 2013
Location: Royal Victoria Place