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Viewing Your Planning Application using Local Authority Council Websites

Having submitted your planning application, either using CPA Planning Design or on your own behalf, all councils now have websites for checking the progress of the application. This includes the ability to view and download the following details:

  • Submitted documentation
  • Details of the submission
  • Local Comments
  • Validation & Determination dates
  • Constraints

Here are a few direct links to council pages to check the progress of your application. NOTE: It can take up to 3 weeks after submission for your application to be made available on-line:

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council

Pre-Planning Application Advice

Ordnance Survey ExtractPre-Planning Application Advice.

When a new architectural building project is envisaged, it’s all too easy to become involved with an idea before knowing whether it will be legally permitted. Prior to consulting with either an Architect or Architectural Technician (such as CPA Planning Design), it is advised that you seek feedback from your Local Authority. There may be fees involved, however they are reasonable and allow you to gauge the ‘official’ opinion of the Planning Department, for more complicated applications such as multiple new builds or housing estates, it may be more appropriate to contact a private planning consultancy.

It can be very helpful to have draft sketches of the proposals with you, during any consultation and CPA Planning Design provides these for as little as £50.00. Once positive feedback has been received, accurate building design aiming towards formal planning applications drawings can commence. These typically include an Ordnance Survey extract, Floor plans, Elevations and where applicable, sections of the existing and proposed.

For more information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact CPA Planning Design via the Contact Form for architectural design and your planning application drawing requirements.

Tunbridge Wells Charges for Pre-Planning Application Advice

tunbridge_wells_district_councilOn 20 September 2012 the council’s cabinet took the decision to introduce charges for pre-application planning enquiries.

Charges are to be introduced today (Monday 1 April 2013), in line with a scale of fees agreed by the cabinet.

The council has prepared a Pre-Application Planning Advice Service Guidance Note to assist anyone who might want planning advice prior to submitting a formal planning application. The Guidance Note explains what the council will provide as part of the service, the benefits of pre-application advice, fees and charges, how the pre-application advice service will work and what the applicant / customer will need to provide in order for the council to be able to deal with the enquiry. All pre-application enquiries should be submitted on a Pre-Application Advice Request Form.

Fee’s include:

By post (No meeting):

Small Household: £25 per letter (house extensions, etc.)
Minor applications: £75 per letter (1-9 dwellings or changes of less than 1000 sq. m.)
Major applications: £250 per letter (10 or more dwellings or change of 1000 sq. m. or more)

Meetings (with letter):

Small Household: £50 (for a 20minute meeting)
Minor applications: £150 (for a 30minute meeting)
Major applications: £450 per hour