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Tunbridge Wells Charges for Pre-Planning Application Advice

tunbridge_wells_district_councilOn 20 September 2012 the council’s cabinet took the decision to introduce charges for pre-application planning enquiries.

Charges are to be introduced today (Monday 1 April 2013), in line with a scale of fees agreed by the cabinet.

The council has prepared a Pre-Application Planning Advice Service Guidance Note to assist anyone who might want planning advice prior to submitting a formal planning application. The Guidance Note explains what the council will provide as part of the service, the benefits of pre-application advice, fees and charges, how the pre-application advice service will work and what the applicant / customer will need to provide in order for the council to be able to deal with the enquiry. All pre-application enquiries should be submitted on a Pre-Application Advice Request Form.

Fee’s include:

By post (No meeting):

Small Household: £25 per letter (house extensions, etc.)
Minor applications: £75 per letter (1-9 dwellings or changes of less than 1000 sq. m.)
Major applications: £250 per letter (10 or more dwellings or change of 1000 sq. m. or more)

Meetings (with letter):

Small Household: £50 (for a 20minute meeting)
Minor applications: £150 (for a 30minute meeting)
Major applications: £450 per hour